Character issue

1.When I press Grenerate (invoice) , it is returned to me a 404 page. but email work.

2. I follow this page ,I joined javiergb.php as a Chinese font. but it change nothing.

what should I do?


1. Try to save your permalink settings once.
2. Are you sure you have a chinese font, it’s uploaded in the right folder (easyreservations ▸ lib ▸ modules ▸ invoice ▸ html2pdf ▸ _tcpdf_5.0.002 ▸ fonts) and called with the right string?

I was doing like this



1. Please try to deactivate other plugins. If it still happens send me FTP and admin access.
2. That’s what I’d do as well. The file seems pretty small, are you sure it includes chinese?

yes you are right.

After I changed the font, i can create PDF ,no character problem. but there are character problem in the file sent by email.
They are not use the same a PDF file?

They’re generated at different points. Look into the function “easyreservations_insert_attachment” in invoice.php


all problems are solved ,THX

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