Child rate Calculation error

Good day!

WP version: 4.1

When calculating children’s rates, the system seems to calculate the rates at close to 500% what it should be…

This is what the correct calculation should look like:

Dates: 26 March 2015. to 29 March 2015 (3 nights, 4 adults, 4 children)
What I get:
4 adults x 3 night @ 150pp = 1800.00 (correct)
4 x children x 3 Nights @ 75pp = 4500 (4x3x375?)
Total: 2700.00

What it should be:
4 adults x 3 night @ 150pp = 1800.00
4 x children x 3 Nights @ 75pp = 900 (correct : 4x3x75)

Total: 6300.00

Settings are as follows:
Base price: 150
Child discount / Billing Unit: 75
Daily Billing
Calculate price once (untrue)
Price Per Person calculation (true)
Availability Per ‘Object’

Another funny thing:
When I test it in the dashboard, calculations are correct.
As soon as I test it on the booking form (website page: the incorrect figures reflect…

Do you have any advice for me?

There was a bug with children prices that is fixed in the current
It’ll be in the next public update that should come out in the end of February.

Thank you very much!

If I switch to the paid version – will that sort out my problem?

I am planning to buy the license anyway, love the system.

If it is that bug, yes. However if not I’ll fix whatever else is the problem.

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