Confirmation page does not load / is blank

When i submit the form, the confirmation page is blank. Sometimes (apparently sporadically without any pattern i can see) the page does show up (with the text regarding paying with paypal etc.) but most of the time the page is blank and doesn’t seem to be loaded completely (the source code breaks up after loading the page header). In Chrome developer mode i see a “failed to load ressource” error message in the debug window.

Any idea what’s going on?

I checked my form first, but it also happens with the standard form AND on my other website as well.

Thanks for your help.

From your description I would say it isn’t related to easyreservations. The code of it get’s executed when the content of the page got already generated. So anything before it should be shown even if easyreservations would crash the server. What is if you use the multiple reservations feature of the form? That has no submit.

If I use the multiple reservations overlay, the overlay is shown asking me whether i want to add another reservation or to submit all reservations. On clicking “submit all reservations”, the page gets stuck on the loading bar.

Also one more info: all reservations are saved to the database, emails get send out etc. The only thing not working is the showing of the confirmation page.

Please a link

Is there a way to send the link to you via a private message / email?

Use contact above or

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