CSS issue or AJAX issue preventing going further…

Dear All,

I have Easyreservations implemented for the very first time on one of my customer website, as a try. Before going further, and convincing him moving to premium features, I need to solve one issue probably linked to CSS or Ajax.

On my custumer’s website, I use Gleam theme (elegant themes). With easyreservations plugin activated, I cannot go the very bottom of the page where the calendars show. Only solution so far, minimize web browser window and maximize it back to see the whole page.

It seems (but I am not so sure) that the problem comes from Eayreservations as when I deactivate the plugin, I can see the whole page. I wonder if it comes from a css issue or Ajax issue and I would appreciate to get your support on this. If I see no solution, I would have to change plugin, which I do not really want as this one looks really great!

The page where the issue appear : http://aurel-inattendu.com/disponibilites-et-tarifs/
(we should be able to see the link at the bottom of the page)

Many thanks in advance for your kind support !


Your theme restricts how far you can scroll down in it’s window and doesn’t change that value when the content changes. That’s a bug of the theme. You can ask the author for help or write a script on your own. Either by changing that restriction or calling the function that does so. As it checks again when the browser resizes there’ll be one.

OK. Thanks for your reply.
The theme does not limit the scroll down as you can see on the other pages.

Anyway, I understand your point : the 2 systems are not compatible.
Therefore, I implemented an alternative solution…


It does. I can see and change value which lets me scroll further… Same thing will happen with anything changing after the initial page load.

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