Curious about Pricing Filters

I have a need to change the rates both seasonally, and for the weekends. Is there a way to apply 2 date filters at the same time? Maybe I’m just missing it, or possibly is a bug. It seems as if you can only apply one filter to your rate changes.

Any advice/help/comments are appreciated.

Not asking for support, just wondering if it is something I’m missing.

It’s a bug, but a nasty one.
It got reported multiple times and when I get access to the server and try it for myself its working again. Not only for me, for them too.
Please tell me your WordPress, PHP and mySQL versions as well as other installed plugins.

WordPress 3.4.2.
MySQL client version: 5.1.66

phpinfo() is disabled on my server.. but im certain its up to date.

It seems like just being able to set dates under a conditional filter would work. Using + or – pricing rather than just setting a new price.

Also, easyReservation is the only plugin installed currently

I forgot to ask which browser?

im using firefox, chrome, and safari

Just some more info on my problem. I’m trying to add 3 filters.

1) Regular Weekend Rates If day to calculate is Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun and in Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov else ↓

2) Week Winter If day to calculate is Mon, Tue, Wed and in Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec else ↓

3) Weekend Winter If day to calculate is Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun and in Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec else ↓

It always replaces the last one I put in, so it will only let me have 2 at a time.

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