Custom Fields – New beta

I have created several custom fields using the custom tab

i want to add them to the form in the front end.. works great.. but
i also want to HIDE some of them with a value so it appears in the DASHBOARD -> edit view ..

hidden works but then it doesnt show up in the DASHBOARD -> edit view.. i have to add it using the custom field add.. i want it to just be there
without having to add it again.
Hidden works but doesnt get added to the customs in the backend .. you have to re-add using the dashboard->add custom field->drop down pick and click add..
[hidden custom id=”3″ ]

i cant seem to get a value to assign to it to work either..
examples below of trying to set a default value
[custom id=”3″ value=”Staff”]

You set the default value when adding the custom field. Hidden fields dont work with custom fields, only the things you can select when adding one.

resolved thanks

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