Custom fields on useredit page not translating

Using the useredit module, I found that the custom fields (Phone, Street, City, Message) don’t translate because the gettext function __() is used in combination with a variable $custom[‘title’]. The problem is that WPML will not translate it because it doesn’t interpret a variable to convert it to a string.

But the gettext method wouldn’t know a translation for a random string as the custom fields title. Or how do you want to approach this?

I tried to register the translations by adding gettext calls manually for each of the strings (in my functions.php). But apparently gettext doesn’t apply these translations still.

Can you make the strings translatable using the [lang] tag? Because I tried that also in the form but it doesn’t work for the custom field names (yet).

Just found the strings in WPML and succesfully translated them! I think it’s because I manually registered them in functions.php.

But the [lang] tags should at least be replaced by the standard text. Just tested the editor, will go on with the attachments.


could you explain to me how to translate a name of a custom field, for example:

[custom text BIRTH DATE maxlength=”8″]

In order to be trasnlated into the notification emails.

Thank you


Firstly the title can’t have whitespaces. You can use the lang tag to translate them, but it will make it harder to show them in email or invoice as you need to enter the tag for each languages title.

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