Custom fields value not in email sent after edit

I think I’m using the latest beta version…

When I edit a resource/reservation as admin, the email sent to the guest will not populate the custom fields.


If allowing guest to edit their reservation….

The edit form will show all info, included custom fields, BUT

when the guest send in the edited info, the custom fields do not get stored and eliminate their values (as if they did not exist any more)

I also noted that the resource are visible in the guests edit form, but not the resource name field (#1 …)

Where do you got the beta without premium account?

I’m a translator to Norwegian, and for my contribution and long hours translating, I got a copy of the latest beta, but without access to premium support. (that would not be right, considering your paying customers maybe).

Hopefully you appreciate that I’m reporting possible bugs as well… 🙂

Of course I would like to see these bugs solved… but I accept you’re not under any obligation to help me.


I also noticed in the useredit of a resource/reservation by guests…. the country select field is visible by default… and it’s no way to deactivate this if not used in the form. No bug really, but I mention it anyway.

Have a great day!

Now you know why I don’t make such exceptions normally. Was afraid someone sharing beta files.
Do you use the old or the new (custom tab in settings) custom fields function?
The guest can never change the resources number.

The new custom fields, I believe…


In form:
[custom id=”2″]

In email:
[custom id=”2″ show=”value”]

To comment on my post above….

I just // commented out the country field in useredit ()… when I didn’t need it-

“The guest can never change the resources number.” – That makes sense. Thanks 🙂

So there are two possible bugs in
1. After edit by admin (or user), the emails send out do not include the custom fields value
2. When a guest edit their reservation, the custom fields get somehow erased. “User Control Panel 1.3.2”
e.g. The custom fields populate in the resource edit, but when saved, it don’t save the custom fields.

Both problems should be fixed. Send me a email.
I didn’t had time to properly test it though.

Thanks. Just sent you an email. I will test it… and report back. So you and others know if it works 😉
Have a great day!

I have tested it. (easyreservations.3.4.beta.17) Still the same bug.

When arriving to the user-edit screen for the first time. It lists the custom fields. Nice!

But when I submit the form… edited or not… it will erase the custom fields values
(as if they did not exist anymore) Maybe the bug is in “User Control Panel 1.3.2”?

I don’t have time to work on it today, please answer to this so I get remembered tomorrow morning.

Thanks. Would be great if you could do this today 🙂

Would be great if the User Control Panel could support the custom fields as mentioned before 🙂 …hopefully this in the next month or so, I will be able to upgrade to premium support

Sent you a new beta.

After testing beta 18, every issue reported is solved and working perfect now.

Thank you!

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