Custom Price Fields 3.5.1 version

during the dashboard edit of a reservation.
I add using ‘ADD CUSTOM FIELD”

Field A 10.00
Field B 5.00
Field C 26.00

i hit save.. come back to say ADD
Field D 100.00 – then my Field B disappears. –

is this a bug in beta? fixed in a another version? solutions?

There was a bug like that months ago, but I think to have fixed it. Are you on the latest beta?

i updated to 3.5.2 and still has not fixed it.

it continues to drop the field when you get to the 3rd addition.

if you add a custom field a 3rd one it drops the last one and/overwrites.. so you only ever have two of those
if you add a customer price 3rd one it drops the last one and/overwrites so you only every have two of those as well.

like you get max 2 only for the custom field or custom price when editing a reservation in the backend.

I created a fresh install with the latest beta 3.5.2 BETA
wordpress 4.1.1
php 5.3
only allows 2 price and 2 informational fields each .. overides when adding a 3rd.

i created another fresh .. wordpress version 3.9.3 beta 3.5.2 php 5.5 – and seems to be working
but now i see this error..
Fatal error: Call to undefined method wpdb::esc_like() in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/lib/functions/ajax.php on line 673


The function esc_like is from wordpress 4.0. I didn’t noticed that when changing it as of a report. The wordpress version will really not have anything to do with your problem, that sounds like a bug in easyreservations. If you still have problems after updating wordpress please send me FTP and admin access to

So what version should I update WordPress to at this point?

Thanks for help

To the latest.

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