Dashboard is not showing correct dates of réservation

Is this feature you are talking about ?
“Enable display of time and that the time gets used to calculate the billing units instead of only the date”

Actualy i have hidden fields like this :
[hidden date-from-hour 16] [hidden date-to-hour 11]

Guest arrive from 16:00 and they leaving the day after at 11:00

The problem still remain 🙁

Please is it possible to speak with you on skype or other liver messenger to solve this problem ? You have all the access, it will take maybe 10 minutes and that’s all. My customer is really angry about me because it takes too long, i’m sorry but it seems he’s right and i don’t want to loose him just because of this 🙁

My skype : Carmin31

Thank you !

As said arrival and departure must be >24h from each other and 16:00 – 11:00 are just 19.
No, I’m not offering skype support.

I’m sorry but i have :

In my reservation form : [hidden date-from-hour 12] [hidden date-to-hour 12]
In my ressource : Arrival possible on : from 12 till 12 / Departure possible on : from 12 till 12
Use time is activated

I did a reservation test from 14 june 2014 to 21 june 2014 and the 21 june is counted as 1 night but my guest is leaving and not staying ! On my dashboard i can see that visualy….

I’m sorry but you need to do something very quickly ! Use screenshots like me to explain that or please make a tutorial with screens to explain HOW TO SET YOUR PLUGIN TO COUNT 1 NIGHT ONLY WHEN YOUR GUEST ARRIVE IN AFTER MID DAY AND LEAVE THE DAY AFTER MID DAY !!!!!

You have all the access of our website like you asked… I can’t find the solution, you are the dev of this plugin, no me and not my customer….

Thank you !

Oh, you’re using availablity by person and I’ve tested by object when talking with you. Had the same problem now and could fix it.

Thank you, it’s ok now, great !

Last ask : When you add manualy a reservation, we only have :

Name :
From :
To :
Personnes Adultes: Enfants:

Is it possible to add native custom fields like the reservation form ? Can we can edit this please ? It’s not really good if maybe 20 customers do a manual reservation, every time i need to add all the custom field 🙁

Thank you,


In the current version is no function for that. But that’s a thing I could imagine for the next big update.

Sound’s good, thank you !

I did this important feedback because this feature will be really great to have a very good tool to manage Online and manual reservations. Hôtels and others are needing this feature, trust me 🙂

Ho, i forgot, just a last feedback. If you can make the forms more easy to do, your system will be better. I know what is code but lot of people don’t know what a “” is. You can imagine a think like page builder on wordpress or a thing like that. 🙂

Many thanks for your work again !
Have a nice day,
Kind regards,

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