Date goes to 1970

Strange thing that appears on my easyreservations dashboard (on the WordPress admin side):
when I click on the calendar icon (top left of the page, on the left side of “30. august 2016 – 28. september 2016”)
the calendar opens properly, but when I click to select a date, that goes to “30. december 1969 – 28. january 1970”

Your opinion and feedback will be much appreciated.
Any idea where this issue comes from?

Kind regards,


Any news or feedback to help?
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regardsn


Any news? Can anyone help? I have the same issue on several websites!

Please have a look at this short video (26 sec) that shows the problem :

Do you have the same issue on your webistes?

Still no news on this? No corrections?

I’m currently working on updating easyreservations and tried to fix this bug, but can’t find it. I’ve tried to replicate it but it works fine for me. And when looking through the code I can’t find anything that could lead to you problem either. Please send me access to

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