Date on Calendar one day off

I have the same problem as this person –

The date on the dashboard calendar shows one day off – for example, if the reservation is from the 25th to the 30th – the calendar displays it from the 26th to the 30th, although when you hover and get the date pop up, it’s correct.

This is a new issue since last update – before that it was fine. Any ideas on a fix would be wonderful – thank you.

Can you give me admin and FTP access? (

Hi, the initial fix seemed to work but now there is ONE room with the calendar showing off – and it seems that this issue moves – in other words, one day it’s for resource #1 and if you wait until tomorrow, it moves to a different resource?

also, I cannot seem to get some reservations to delete – it’ shows that it was moved to the “trash” but still shows on resource count and when I try to completely delete it I get an error message.

I have updated the plugin – but didn’t fix the issue. Please help. I sent FTP access before and can give you WP access if need be.

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