Datepicker does not disappear

If I click in the date-field the datepicker appears. if I click anywhere in the window the datepicker should close but it doesn´t. What is the reason? It only closes if I pres the “Esc” on the keyboard.
here the site:

That seems like a stylesheet problem. When you open the upper one its cut at the top as well. Please try if it happens in the standard theme as well.

yes it happens in the standard theme as well. I already contacted the AIT Themes

I don’t have any idea where this could come from, probably stylesheet line. I can find a few threads about it not closing after selecting in the internet, but nothing about clicking anywhere.

I entered this javascript in the head section now it works…

jQuery(document).on(“click”, function(e) {
var elem = jQuery(;
if(!elem.hasClass(“hasDatepicker”) &&
!elem.hasClass(“ui-datepicker”) &&
!elem.hasClass(“ui-icon”) &&
!elem.hasClass(“ui-datepicker-next”) &&
!elem.hasClass(“ui-datepicker-prev”) &&

Thank you

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