Dates are not remembered when moving to reservation form from wdget

I’m having a strange problem. The site is – there are two language versions – English and Russian. When I book from English main page via widget and moved to reservation page which is – the dates I chose are selected/remembered correctly. But when I do the same on Russian main page in the widget, and moved to Russian reservation page – the dates I selected in the widgets are not remembered, always set to +14 and +21 to current date and I have to choose them again. We’ve had a lot of complaints from Russian version users about that, but we can’t find any error in settings.

Can you please help or at least suggest where to look?


I don’t know why but the russian page loads three times. I see the first one with the correct posted values but the two responses after that does not have them. They get loaded exactly one second apart.

Thanks for your answer. I’m a bit confused about page being loaded three times – can you tell what is the tool or how do you see that, so we can also check on this?


In the development tools in the browser under network you see every request (press F5). The main request have just a blank page symbol next to them and are named like the page you’ve open. If I open it on the request is named lagoon-39-en for example.

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