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I am making some tests for one of my customer with Easyreservations. I find it very useful and exhaustive in its features. Nevertheless, I am facing one ittle issue that my customer does not “accept” (if I can word it this way).

When I have a booking recorded, on the day of departure, the calendar displays a full red bar in the cell, whereas it should ideally show that the second half of the day as available for booking. I had a quick look in the CSS, but I am not a specialist. This last day of the booking should be probably “.calendar-cell-full2”, but it is not. To reflect reality, the bar in the cell should be half red and half green.

Is there a way to make this happen? I set up departure time between 10 and 12 and arrival time between 16 and 20, assuming this will have an impact on the way the calendar displays the arrival and departure days. But no way to find the solution, which might prevent my customer to give it a go.

Your clarifications will be much appreciated!

Many thanks for your feedback.

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Activating the use of “time” in the general settings enables display of arrival and departure in the calendar. The arrival and departure times sounds fine for that.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I did activate this option, but no change in the display. In the meatime, I changed the arrival time of the ressource between 13 and 20, as the real arrrival time of the guest will be 13.30.

Just to let you know, the calendar display is OK in the back-office in WordPress admin, but is not OK on the front-office on the webiste.

Do you see anything else to do to have this half day appear with a red-green bar on the departure day?


Dear All,

Any idea or suggestion to make it work the way you built it?
Many thanks in advance for your feedback.
That will be much appreciated.

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