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Hi, I’m struggling with the front end user calendar. My dashboard calendar shows split days for arrival and departure but on the website visitor calendar on the webpage it is showing as fully booked. I have tried a reinstallation of the plugin plus also enabled the time option in the general settings. Can anyone help, please?

In the calendars shortcode use half=1 to enable it. Else it can have problems with your depature times as it checks availability at 12:00. I’m currently working on rewriting that part.

Hi Thanks for the reply, This is the shortcode I currently have.

[easy_calendar resource=”1835″ width=”100″ style=”1″ req=”1″ price=”3″ monthes=”1×1″ interval=”1″]

Where do I include the extra code? I have added half=1 and half=”1″ but neither works. Thanks in advance.

Please send me admin access and a link to the calendar to

Hi I have been trying to get to resolve this error for hours and weeks now.
I have taken your advice and reinstalled the theme from scratch on another server, eliminating any plugin’s and so on.
I have finally found what is causing the error I think.

When I set the Resources count to 1 in the Resources Settings the Calender looks fine (see att.) but when I set the resource count to 2 (which I need it to be) it confuses the calendar view (see att).

I trust you are very busy but I am already 8 weeks late on launching this facility within the website. I bought the whole Hoteliour theme from AIT Themes on the assumption that the plugin and theme were compatible.

Could you send me a workaround asap. I’m not a programmer so please be gentle 🙂

This is the code I am using on the ‘Portfolio Page’

[easy_calendar resource=”2906″ width=”100″ style=”1″ req=”1″ price=”0″ monthes=”1×1″ interval=”1″]

[easy_form resource style=”none” submit=”Reservation Enquiry successfully sent. Reservations are confirmed either by e-mail or telephone.” subsubmit=”Thank You.” credit=”Reservation Enquiry complete” subcredit=”You’ll receive an email with the reservations details” resourcename=”Room” price=”0″ pers=”1″ resource=”2906″ multiple=”full” validate=”Enquiry successfully verified” subvalidate=”Either make additional enquiries or submit”]

Many Thanks

Steve Krupa

Your theme overrides the calendar style. It only leaves out the arrival day so that looks fine. Empty the file

We’re not resposible for what that theme does. Please use their support next time if there’s a problem that does not happen if you switch to standard theme.

Hi Thanks, Feryaz, Can you be more specific on ‘Empty the file please’?

Download it, open it, delete all content, save and upload again.

Tried that and the calendar is still broken.

Upon testing further the Easy Reservation works fine with a standard WordPress theme but unfortunately not with the AIT Theme Hoteliour. AIT are selling their theme in conjunction with the Easy Reservation plugin as the perfect hotel booking package. Unfortunately, this is not the case if the hotel needs to provide a room with more than one resource.

I wish I had found this bug earlier before building the website content with the Hoteliour Theme.

I have spoken with AIT and tried to explain the difficulties I am having but I think they are struggling to understand how the Easy Reservation plugin works?

Well as they made the theme there probably was no displaying of arrival and departure in the calendar. What if you delete the file? That’s where the changes come from.

Tried that and the layout and tables of the whole site are now unformatted.


The calendar issue is still present, even with the css file deleted I’m disappointed Ait Themes cannot offer any support with this. It’s an issue that is going to continue with other customers purchasing Hoteliour theme.

Ohh okay I didn’t saw it’s the main stylesheet. Sorry. Then it’s more complciated. Open it, search for “showCalender” and delete it from the stylesheet. If there’s only on selector delete the whole rule else only take out the selector with showCalender.

You could even select the problematic cells in the calendar and right-click inspect them. Then you can only delete the parts overwriting the availability display but keep the rest of the style.

Looking at it again there’s a stylesheet file from your theme only for the calendar
Try emptying that.

Tried all the items and the calendar still shows the same.

I saw AitThemes downloaded the latest version a few days ago. They’re probably looking into it.

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