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Hi Feryaz,

i´m creating webpage for one of my customers with your system, but now i have a little problem, setting up the form with different taxes. Here in good old germany we have different taxes for different services.

For example, if someone want to takes his pet with him, there is an extra fee of 10 EUR per day with 7% tax. For the stay i also use 7% tax.
But for the breakfast we have to take 19% tax. Actually i have a price field for the pet and the breakfast option. So both of them have 19% tax at the moment. But this isn´t right.

Here´s a little overview of the options i use in the form:

Roomtype: Standard +0 EUR; Comfort +10 EUR/pn = 7%
Pets: No+0 EUR; Yes +10 EUR/pn = 7%
Brekfast: No+0 EUR; Yes +5 EUR/pn = 19%

Is it possible to select the taxtype when creating a price field (e.g. adding an additional parameter to the shortcode with the taxtype 0,1 or 2 or something like that) or do you have any suggetions how i can handle my little problem?

Best regards

You’ll have to calculate the tax in the price field itself and dont use taxes for price fields, but of course that’s not perfect in the invoice. Or maybe use the children’s field for the pets if you don’t need it.
As the price fields gets calculated before sending the result to the server there’s no alternative to apply the tax to all or none.

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