Do not save filter settings?


Before buying premium version I am testing the free version.

I want to add filters price for alimony, with several options:

1. Room Only: zero price, not increase. Default checked.

2. Breakfast: zero price for “apartment 4-5 people”, “apartment 6-8 people” and “La Caseta”. Price 6.60 (increase) per person per day for “single room”, “double room” and “triple room”

3. Half board: variable increment per person per day for rooms, depending on High or Low Season. Zero price for apartments and “La Caseta”

4. Full board: as half board.

I set the field as radio button, configure options and conditions; and I click on the “Send” button to save the settings: When I try to edit to add the half board and full board, I can not view or edit the conditions he had set.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug?

I put links to Google Drive to see screenshots “before” and “after” save changes:

Before Saving

After Saving

Sorry for my English, translated with Google translator.

Thanks for your help, greetings.

Never head of this issue. Please send me FTP and admin access to

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sent access.

I’ve done some CSS forms change, the rest is “as is”. The site is not in production, you can edit, create and delete filters.

If you have any problems, let me know.

Best regards.

It saves fine for me. Maybe the problem is just that you left the amount field empty for the second option. Does it happen if you fill that out as well?

Indeed, if I put a price (0) is saved correctly. Thanks, I thought it was better not to put the price to fetch the price conditions.

I have a problem I do not know how to solve … Can you help me?

I need to “program” these conditions (eg double occupancy):

Double room price low season: 51 eur
Double room price high season: 60.50 eur
Half board price low season: 49.50 eur
Full board price high season: 52.80 eur
High season 2016: July 15 to August 31.

If a guest chooses only “accommodation” charge 51 or 60.50 per day. If a guest chooses “half board” charged 49.50 x 2 persons = 99 eur (Instead of 51, low season), or 52.80 x 2 persons = 105.60 eur.(Instead of 60.50, high season).
This means, for half board, an increase per person per day at the price of the room, 24 euro in low season and 22.55 in high season.

I put conditions are as follows:

VALUE Half board NOT CHECKED PRICE 0 (Radio button)
  IF resource = double room AND
    IF arrival >= 07/15/2016 AND
    IF departure <= 08/31/2016 AND THEN PRICE 22.55 PER unit and person
  IF resource = double room AND
    IF arrival >= 01/01/2016 AND
    IF departure <= 07/15/2016 AND THEN PRICE 24 PER unit and person
  IF resource = double room AND
    IF arrival >= 08/31/2016 AND
    IF departure <= 12/31/2016 AND THEN PRICE 24 PER unit and person

When the arrival and departure are both in the off season or in high season, it works correctly.

Problem: When is high season arrival (eg 08/30/2016) and the departure is low season (eg 09/02/2016) only calculates the days that are high season and does not calculate anything for the days that are low season.

How to solve this problem? I fail to conditions to "program" …

Thanks in advance, greetings.

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