Doesnt'work with google chrome

Hello to everyone,

Please excuse my very bad english.
I’ve got a problem with Google chrome.
I tried to make a reservation, but the price isn’t working. It seems to be calculating without finding a price to show.

Is there a problem of compatibility with Google Chrome there?

It’s a problem due to the growing number of people using Google Chrome.

Can anybody help me?


Will be a javascript error. Need a link to the site.

It’s not the final adress, but you can access the site there :

Thank you for your help.

Hmm. Works fine for me. Please open your javascript console and see if there’*s any error message (

For the translation open your .po file with a text editor and search for the string. If there’s a #fuzzy delete it.

For the problem with google chrome, It seems that I encounter a problem in javascript, but I don’t knwo how to solve this problem.
I’ll be looking tonight (If you tell me it’s working, it means that it’s only on my computer).

For the problem of translation, there is no “#, fuzzy”.


Are you sure you have the correct WP_LANG defined in your wp-config.php and the translation file gets loaded? Every time I get a report on something is not translatable it was #fuzzy till now.

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