Easyreservation and woocommerce

Dear sir or madam,

I have Installed the easyreservation plugin and bought the premium version with the Woo commerce synchronisation module. I’ll checked the box at the sync menu to On and i saved my resource as you told at the forum.

When i go to the form at my page and fill everything in and press send i get the following message Reservation successfully sent!
Please continue by paying through PayPal or enter your credit card details.Price: …..
But it does not go futher to my woocommerce cart with the reservation and when i look at my woocommerce car it will say No products in the cart.
What do i need to do to go directly to my woocommerce cart from the send button and see the reservation? Please help.

Thanks in advance!



Please update to the new easyreservations.org/beta and save each resources settings once.

thanks it works

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