Email Puzzle?


Trying to investigate why the sending of emails by easyReservations seems to be such a random affair, ALL emails are turned on (checked) in Settings -> Emails
Some time I get one, often I don’t?

So, in looking at your code in an effort to figure out what may or may not be happening I took a look at the code contained in your file easyReservations_admin_main.php I immediately noticed that my editor stopped syntax hi-lighting after line 1057 which (in my version of easyReservations) contains this code

1057 <a href="admin.php?page=reservations&edit=id; ?>” class=”button”>

It seems there is an ‘extra’ double quote after …class=”button” Certainly, in removing the extra quote editor parsed and displayed all code correctly
(which is why the line will not correctly display here, in this thread)

Very reluctant to change your core code, perhaps I am misunderstanding something here?

Is this a bug? am I correct to remove the extra quote? Or have I just dome something stupid?


Thanks for reporting, but such an extra quote wouldn’t stop anything from executing and is not related to emails in any way. Try to install the wordpress SMPT plugin to force the emails getting send over the right server.

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