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I notice a wired behavior on the reservation process, once the client make the reservation and click the send button , he get to the confirmation page :

Step 2: I click on “Submit all reservations” button on the right
step 3: I go back to the reservation form and see the same form, and click again on “Submit all reservations” , seems to me that there is no end ,I got no confirmation and I was very confuse .

question number 2:
how to configure the reservation email module – I would like to send mail to the site manager once a reservation is made


1. Wait a bit for the conformation. The problem is that the loading bar isn’t showing up. Does that happen with standard theme as well?
2. Activate it’s template and enter a support email.

loading bar isn’t showing up….I cant see reservation message after submit the form

I try in different browser same bug

I try different theme- WordPress default theme i got the message and the loading bar

so where is the problem the theme or the plugin?

the problem is that I get the reservation mail but in the form end the form get stuck and there is no confirmation such \” we got your reservation \”

here is the scenario step by step:
1- go to this form – apply the form
2-next page- click on submit all reservation
3-we go back to the reservation form- i see to button at the bottom \”cancle\” and \”submit\”
4- click on submit I get the email confirmation
nothing happens in the site … where is the confirmation ? i still see this form :
pls advice

I get the Reservation successfully sent! notice after 20 second (a lot of time )and there is no process bar in the background to let me know my request is being updated in the system ,
Why I can’t see my process bar?
I have no plugin on my wordpress
any idea?
pls help me

I’ve no idea why the submit takes so long for your server.
The loading bar gets hidden by this css in your style.css:

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body #easyFormOverlay {
	/* display: none !important; */


You save my day :)))))) thx

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