Enter numbers in price field doesn't work with El Capitan mac OS?

In the Admin, I can’t enter numbers in the price fields (admin dashboard and resources) since I updated my OS to El Capitan.
Do you know something about this problem?
Could you help me please?

I can’t find anything about keyCode not working (or giving different results) in El Capitan. I haven’t updated my macbook to it yet. Can you try it in a different browser?
And please enter 1 in the input on this page and post the table here.

I tried to test it with Chrome and Safari. This bug appears on the macbook of a customer.
In thoses fields, he can enter special caracters (é,”,’,(,§,è,!) which are under the numbers on the keys of the keyboard, but not the numbers… it’s very strange…
I work on Yosemite and I don’t have this problem, but he works on macbook and imac with El Capitan and he got this problem on both computers…
Any idea?

No, none at all. He can right click on any field and select “inspect element”. In the popup he can set the value of the field directly and nothing can stop that.

Ok thank you, it works this way… It’s not really really easy for the customers who work on mac os (with el capitan…) but it resolves the problem anyway.

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