error addition form

error when adding form to the page I have the whole text is given here
аЈаОб€б‚аКаОаДб‹ аНаЕ б€аАаБаОб‚аАбŽб‚, аЕбаЛаИ аБаОаЛаЕаЕ б‡аЕаМ аОаДаИаН аИаЗ б‚аОаГаО аЖаЕ б‚аИаПаА аНаА б‚аОб‚ аЖаЕ баАаЙб‚. а­б‚аО аМаОаЖаЕб‚ аПб€аОаИаЗаОаЙб‚аИ б аПаОбб‚аОаВ аВ аКаАб‚аЕаГаОб€аИаИ-аВаИаД аИаЛаИ аНаА аГаЛаАаВаНаОаЙ бб‚б€аАаНаИб†аЕ.
аЇб‚аОаБб‹ аНаЕ аДаОаПбƒбб‚аИб‚бŒ бб‚аОаГаО аДаОаБаАаВаИб‚бŒ бˆаОб€б‚аКаОаДб‹ аПаОбаЛаЕ [more] б‚аЕаГ.

I have Russian language. in settings and backup all is displayed normally in Russian and English languages and this is only adding the shortcode to the page

I’d copy your form, reset it to standard and copy parts of it over to see when this happens. Or is it the same with the standard form?

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