Error calculate hours

Hi, I have a mistake in the booking form.
The departure date is always equal to the arrival date so I removed this form field.
The error is that the departure time field adds an hour and do not understand why.
attached a copy of the form code

When do you come?
[date-from style=\”width:75px\”] desde las [date-from-hour style=\”width:52px\” value=\”10\”] hasta las [date-to-hour style=\”width:52px\” value=\”11\”]

<!– This is the standard form code
Fecha del alquiler
When do you come?
[date-from style=”width:75px”] [date-from-hour style=”width:52px” value=”12″]:[date-from-min style=”width:52px”]

Departure Date
When do you go?
[date-to style=”width:75px”] [date-to-hour style=”width:52px” value=”12″]:[date-to-min style=”width:52px”]

If I select arrival date and time 01/08/2013 time 10:00 to 11:00 (one hour), the system calculates from 10:00 until 12:00 (two hours)

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