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Having the latest version of WordPress (5.2.1) and easyReservations (5.0.10) plugin, I checked the health of my site and I have these errors:

1: “The REST API request failed as a result of an error.
Error: [] cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received ”

2: “The loopback request on your site has failed, which means that the features that rely on these queries are not working as they should now.
Error: [] cURL error 28 ”

When I disable your plugin I no longer have errors.

Do you have a next update to fix it ?

Thank you

We dont use the REST API at all. Maybe an incompatibility with another plugin? Try to disable all one after anohter and switch to default theme to see if any of those cause it.


Thanks you for your answer.

But i have already desactived all plugins and its the same thing


What is a “health site”? Is there any real problem?


When i delete this in easyReservations.php file :

function ER() {
return easyReservations::instance();


i don’t have any problem
My problem (Error: [] cURL error 28) disapear, this function poses problem

Have you another persons who have the same problem ?
Have you an idea how i solve this ?

Best regards

easyReservations does not use cURL so this will come from another code. If you delete the lien the plugin cannot function at all.

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