Error message when adding resource

Not sure if 5.0.9 just updated, but between yesterday and today easyreservation is now not letting me add new resources. Actually it allowed me to add but not set price or check-in or check-out times any more.
When first clicking ADD for a new resource I get the following above the three field Add Resource box – <div class=”updated” style=”width:97%”><p>This plugin is for free! Please consider donating.</p></div>
When I click through and get to the set up for the new resource the following error is sitting in the field for Max Qty for “Days” and “Persons”. It will allow me to toggle and select a number, but after save it defaults back to the warning message. the code is – Warning: Illegal string offset ‘nights-max’ in /home/fitlaunc/public_html/ on line 233 > *infinity symbol*
The message for the persons max is in the ‘pers-max’ offset and on line 255

Should be fixed in the current beta (for premium users) and the next public update.

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