Error refreshing the OAuth2 token

I fill all the fields of my reservation and after press the button ENVIAR (Send) the following error appeared:

Errors found in the form
There is a problem with the form, please check and correct the following:

Error refreshing the OAuth2 token, message: ‘{ “error” : “invalid_grant”, “error_description” : “Token has been expired or revoked.” }’

How can I fixed?

My form code is the following:
[show_price before=”Precio Total: ” style=”float:right;”]
Información General
Fecha de Llegada¿Qué día llegaréis?
[date-from style=”width:75px”] [date-from-hour style=”width:auto” value=”14″]:[date-from-min style=”width:auto”]

Fecha de Salida¿Qué dia os iréis?
[date-to style=”width:75px”] [date-to-hour style=”width:auto” value=”12″]:[date-to-min style=”width:auto”]

Apartamento¿Qué apartamento queréis?[resources]

Información Personal
Nombre¿Cual es tu nombre?[thename]
Adultos+NiñosVan Gogh máximo 7, resto máximo 6[adults 1 7 value=”1″]
Email¿Cual es tu email?[email]
CaptchaType in code[captcha]

[submit value=”Enviar” title=”Enviar”]

If anybody want to test it, here is the link:

I don’t think that comes from easyreservations. I can’t find either of those strings in the plugin or wordpress. Deactivate other plugins and switch to standard theme one after another to see if any of those cause it.

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