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We’re programming a website that enable customers to rent room in a resort.

We are using WP online booking calendar and are having a lot of problems.

Do you have a demo website or a lits of websites that are using your plugin ? We’re looking into changing the plugin but we want to make sure that your plugins meets our needs.



Hey Frederic,
I’ve heard from several users coming from them and are happy here.

Last week I’ve began to make a demo site. It isn’t fully finished, but each feature can be tried.

user: demo
pw: demo

If it doesn’t fit your needs please feel free to say me why.

Regards feryaz

Hello i would like to know if the plugin has the flexibility to check if in one day at one time have is space for book or not i’m photographer and i manage by appoint for date and time


can you send me the code you used to make this page http://demo.easyreservations.org/times/

Form is here
Value of page:

Select Code
<div style="font-weight:bold;text-align:center;width: 93%">Only arrival and nights with multiple submit.</div>
<div>[easy_calendar room="4" width="840" style="3" price="0" monthes="3x1" interval="2" header="1"]</div>
<div style="padding-top: 10px;width: 90%">[easy_form times style="premium" submit="Reservation successfully sent" subsubmit="Please continue by paying through PayPal or enter your credit card details." credit="Reservation complete" subcredit="You'll receive an email with the reservations details" resourcename="Room" price="1" pers="1" resource="5" multiple="full" validate="Reservation successfully verified" subvalidate="Either make additional reservations or submit"]

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