Fatal error – cal_days_in_month

Easyreservation is looking like it might be the answer to a problem i’ve got here in arranging rota’s for a selection of doctors, but from the off i’m getting an error that i can’t seem to find anyone else suffering from. In fact, if i google the significant parts of the error, the only place i find it is on other people’s pages with the same error. Using “The Station” theme (just in case that makes a difference)

Basically, where the calendar header appears on the page, below it displays one line of text:
“Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month() in /data/virtual/….”

After a few days of tinkering to try and work out if it was a setting somewhere in wordpress, rather than the plugin, i decided that i should at least find out if it’s working in some respect, so filled out the form and hit submit. Nothing appears to happen at all. Checked the dashboard calendar (which displays fine) and no bookings were displayed. However, i later noticed that it shows an accepted booking, which was trashed, so i tried again and, sure enough, it shows that a booking was placed at the bottom, but nothing on the calendar.

So that’s a submit button i can’t get to work, an error instead of a calendar on the front end and i appear to be wearing odd socks today. Don’t think there’s much you can do about the last one though.

Any advice appreciated

For the problem with cal_days_in_month() the first google result says:
“To get these functions to work, you have to compile PHP with –enable-calendar”
As you’re the first one with this error it will be a very common setting.

The rest sounds a bit like a your server causes further problems or your theme doesn’t generates the footer correctly. Try to switch to standard theme and maybe even another server to find the problem.

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