Filter not working


I used the filter by time/price as you can see here and here ; thought, I don’t get the result I want.
I want that my client would have the possibility to pay less money when they book the same day of the reservation, for example, if they book on monday for monday night, that would be cheaper.
How should I do this? any suggestions?
Thanks a lot !

That’s what it should do. Make the reservation and look in the calculation.

That’s what I did, but the price isn’t corresponding !!
That goes to another question: if the booking is for the same day, can I take off the option of select arrival and departure date for the client? (because it is for the same day)

Thanks !

I’ll have a look at it when I come back from holidays next thursday.
I don’t understand your question, they SELECT arrival as today and then should not be able to change it anymore?

Yes exactly

No, there’s no such function.

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