Filter price value of zero is ignored in version 5.0.11

I’m using Version 5.0.11. I’ve created a filter which is intended to charge £0 for the overnight hours 0000-0800. I’ve set up Filter called “Overnight” by time, ticked Date Unit and hours 00:00 to 07:00. Then in the Price section I’ve set Type=Change Base Price and Price=0. In this case the hourly charge in the reservation dashboard incorrectly shows the price for each hour remaining at £10 through the night hours. However, if I change to Price=1 then the list of night hours are marked “Price filter Overnight” and the calculated total changes. I believe this is a bug where the code is ignored unless the Price value is greater than zero, but I think zero should be a valid value. I’ve further discovered that I can make it work by specifying a value of 0.0001, which, with rounding, means it won’t add a penny to the price for many days.

Will be improved in the next 6.0 version.
Thanks for reporting.

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