First Use Notifications Don't Go Away

The first use notifications (see screen capture) don’t go away. Every time the EasyReservation plugins are viewed, the little pop up info windows appear and as you cycle through them you finally get to one that just won’t close, but only if you’ve scrolled around the page at all. If you just hit ESC multiple times, they do eventually all go away until the next page loads, then they all reset and you have to cycle through them again before you do anything else.

Here’s a screen cap: notifications bug

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Yep. I need to get rid of it too 🙂

In the settings you can disable the tutorial at all.

Same problem. The setting doesnt work for the “sett inn”-dialog inside post/page-edit. Every time i sett inn a shortcode, the notifications shows up. Every time.


– click Settings > uncheck if checked “Enable tutorial mode” click “Save Changes”

– even if unchecked just click “Save Changes”

It doesn´t help. Here is a short screencast that shows the bug:

That bug is already fixed in beta.

I found this bug in Version: 3.1, Last update: 13.08.2012.

Finally fixed in beta 3.1 #11 😉
were multiple bugs

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