Form: Arrival and Departure time

I don’t need the arrival/departure time in the form. Can I remove it and have the form submit without requiring it? Thanks!

Yes, just delete it from the form.

I did. But if you fill out the form the error messages are coming up.

I’ve also been unable to determine the format for the phone number. No matter how it’s written the form won’t accept it.

Here’s my form code:

Total:[show_price style="float:right;"]
Reservation Details

Date of Arrival
[date-from style="width:75px"]

Date of Departure
[date-to style="width:75px"]

Number of Guests
[adults 1 16 value="1"]

Number of children under Age 3 (no charge)
[childs 0 10]

Guest Information

First Name

Last Name
[custom text LastName]

Street AddressLine 1
[custom text Street *]

Street AddressLine 2
[custom text Street2]

[custom text City *]

[custom text State *]

ZIP Code/Postal Code
[custom text PostCode *]

[country value="US" maxlength="50"]

Phone Number
[custom text Phone *]

Mobile Phone Number
[custom text Phone *]


CaptchaType in code
[submit Send]

It shows that it’s not available. Please make a screenshot of the resources settings so I can tell you why.

I had to switch the availability to object and it resolved that issue.

But I came across an error once the form is submitted and I submit the form the second time from the summary screen, I receive this error:

Errors found in the form
There is a problem with the form, please check and correct the following:

Arrival only possible till 12:00 am

– See more at:

It seems like you define a time requirement for arrival and departure but don’t let the guest choose it. That should be handled better and I’ll look into improving that. Till then either change the requirement or define a time with a hidden field in the form.

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