Form doesnt go furthr than gathering information

After entering all of the values needed on the form and hitting Next to proceed with the reservation, the form doesnt go nowhere. It just adds #easyFormInnerlay at the end of the URL but nothing happens. I had wordfence activated so I deactivated it and still the same problem persists. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

e. After inspecting the page, I have noticed that #easyFormInnerlay is not showing up. Seems like the z-index is not taking effect here. I tried increasing the value of the z-index to no avail

e.e. In other words, when hitting “next” I should see a confirmation button or make another reservation, but these do not come up and prevent me from moving forward.

e.e.e. After much research, I have discovered that the theme I am using is causing the error. I am using Viva theme for the site and I would like to keep using it. Would there be a work around?

Please a link to the form.

here is a link to a page that is not showing on the site but still uses the online form registration:

Conference Room

I do not see an easyreservations form on that page.
Please a link to the page with the problem.

my mistake, the underconstruction page was still active. I deactivated it. Please try the page again

In your themes style.css is a rule that disables all elements with the class border. Line 95.
.border {
display: none;

Your theme does a lot of style changes to easyreservations. If you have further problems please switch to standard theme and see if you still have the problem. Else you’ll have to ask the theme’s author for support.

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