Form editor in reservation setings

In the form editor I have found these problems:

1 – Can not copy and paste text. When you paste text keeps the formatting options and breaks all content. No has HTML mode option to paste plain text.

2 – The special prices form editor, removes the double quotes. For example: [price select Title “first option: 0, second option: 5, third options: 10” pn] change to [price first Title select option: 0, second option: 5, third options 10 pn]

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Can you check your javascript console for errors or give me admin access? Sounds like the helping functions cant be executed. Both works fine for me, but as it’s a new way for the editor it may be that I’ve forgot a circumstance.

I’d send you an email with the admin access.
I try with your last beta43 and happends the same.


Could improve some problems with pasting in the new beta. It’s not as perfect as in a form element thought.

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