Form, eMails, Premium are not clickable

Dear Feryaz,

I would like to inform you that the Menu under settings (Form, eMails, Premium, About) are not clickable.
I updated the latest version 3.1.5
Both Firefox and Chrome did not work, I don’t know whether other friends who are using this plugin also experiece the same thing.

Thank you so much bro,

Breathe and smile,

They’re just normal links and the navigation is in plain html without any script. No possibility for bugs like that, what says the javascript console?

I try to install and reinstall java, but still does not work.

Firefox version 17.0.1,
Java SE 7 Update 09

I try to use Firebug and did not see any error.

Don’t know what happened, anybody has same experience?

Thank you very much

Dear Feryaz,

It was conflict with “Event Registration” by David Fleming.
When I deactivate it, then the “Form, eMails, Premium” are now clickable.

Thank you very much for helping.


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