Form still overwriting calendar


I raised this back in February ( and you said it would be fixed in the new release. It only happens in IE – FF & Chrome are fine.

I’m a free user and I’m still waiting for the next release through WordPress. My client has been very patient – any idea when the new release for the free users will be?


The problem was and is that the filters function got a big change in the 3.3 version that made it even more flexible. In the same time I lost my beta tester that I had for long time. With him I could work really fast on debugging complicated and flexible functions as he had knowledge in development and gave proper bug reports in mass. As he didn’t used the software I had no rush to fix these bugs which resulted in very detailed fixes without making new bugs.

Right now I have to debug on the beta for premium user with their reports. That isn’t enough to debug something so complex. So I decided to leave the very stable 3.2 till there are no more bug reports on the beta. Right now it “feels” like that’s reached soon.

Thanks for the update.

I’ll let my client know.


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