Half Day Reservation


Could you help me with half day reservation.

Example: I have first reservation from 15.03.14 14:00 until 18.03.14 12:00. Second from18.03.14 14:00 until 24.03.14 12:00. In frontend calendar I can not achieve, that for example 24.03.14 is mark as half day busy (half red)? Also how is calculated about hours, so that you see half days reservation.

Thank you very much for your help.



Enable “use time” in the main settings to let it display half unavailable days. I dont really understand the second question.


Thank you for answer. I have already mark use time, but it is not functioning.

Thank you anyway.


I got another similar report, maybe there’s a bug in 3.3.
You can use easyreservations.org/beta of 3.4 when you’re premium. Else it will be release this month.

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