Hide Departure Date

That’s weird. I’ve switched my test form to without any departure field and it works perfectly for me.
Are you sure you’ve installed the beta correctly? The current one has bug with that you can find that out easily: The dashboard doesn’t load.

Hi, I went back in deleted the plugin and reinstalled the version you gave me again. It seems to be working now! Something must have happened on the first install, I just uploaded it direct to my ftp the first time without deactivating or deleting the old version. Thank you so much for all your help!

I got the same message error “The departure date has to be after the arrival date” with free version 3.2.4.
In the form, there is only date, hour and minute “from”. When I change date_from it’s working properly but if I change the hour_from the error message appear like if the hour_to was used but not updated to hour_from + 1 (ressource has 1 hour minimum and maximum).
How to fix it?

Use the pre-release of 3.3

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