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I’ve been looking for quite long time for a booking plugin that’s will suits my needs and yours is great I’m really happy I find it.

Though, I’m having a strange issue, maybe someone ever had it but I confess I haven’t check all the subjects.

The issue is I can’t properly set slots bookings because the dropdown menu don’t display correctly.
Here is a screenshot

May you help me with it ?

Thanks a lot

Okay that looks weird. Cannot reproduce it at all, even in french it works fine for me. Please send me admin access to support@easyreservations.org so I can see where exactly it fails.

Thanks for your quick answer.

I just send you an access.

For information, I already tried to desactivate all others plugins and going back to a default wordpress theme to see if there’s some conflict going on but it seems not.

Works now.

Thanks a lot for your help

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