How can I use -adults and -childs on conditionals?

Hi, This is an awesome reservation plugin that does lots of features for free. I only had an issue using “-adults” and “-childs” on conditional price field.
I had setup a Resort Cottage resource and an additional price field “Entrance Fee” upon reservation. My checkbox conditions are to add $50 for each adult and $40 for each child.

Here’s my code.
Resort Entrance Fees:
[price checkbox entrance “Adult:1>50-adults” pp]
[price checkbox entrance “Child:1>40-childs” pp]

I appreciate your help.


Bump Please, I am also looking to set conditional on Child

The correct code for it is like

[price select title “Option One:1>40,2>50,30>60-child,Option Two:1>50,2>60,30>70-child”]

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