How do I add a credit card payment?

The form for entering the credit card number is displayed, after filling out the message indicates the successful booking. But where is the payment process? How to understand what has already been paid?
Please explain these moments.

You are not premium where do you got that credit card form from?

this is the form

and in the console bug with the layout:

But that is the premium version. Youre account is not premium. Where did you get the premium version?

Once in the premium tab there were buttons “download”. I decided that there were discounts and uploaded. That was about a month ago.

upd: One more problem. If seats are unreachable, there is no warning when the form is submitted. A download indicator appears that lasts indefinitely. How to fix?

when clicking on a link, click the image preview, otherwise the indicator is not visible

But you did pay for it? If so when? So I can help you find your premium account. We cannot offer premium support for free users.

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