How many priorities are allowed in free version?

Not sure if this is a bug or not.
As I’m adding time filters I get an error message “Select a condition” when I have selected a condition but then one of the other conditions has been deleted.
This is when I’m adding a time filter for 2013.
At one stage I had up to 5 filters but now some have been deleted and I can’t add more.
Can only a certain number of time filters be added a each priority?


Okay I figured out that the “select a condition” was because I wasn’t selecting “unit” when adding in some time filters but I can’t work out why when adding some time filters the existing ones get deleted even when selecting different priorities….

It happens when I’m either adding or even editing a time filter. It’s like something is being corrupted somewhere since in my demo for the client I could have 8 time filters with 8 different priorities but now I’m doing it live for her they keep deleting.
They deleted themselves on my demo version too until I started to change priorities. That seemed to solve the issue before….

Clicking onto conditional and then back to time seemed to cure whatever was causing this and I could add as many time filters as I liked without them being deleted….

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