How to receive payment in more than one currency and without taxes


First, receive my congratulations… easyreservation is a very good tool to start a hotel administration. I’m located in south Chile, we started 3 week ago selecting the best software and now we manage all our reservations with easyreservation.
I’m starting to search for some features in easyreservation to make the same type of movements that we make usually.
But I miss a feature…. the possibility to receive the payment in more than one currency (U$ or € or $ or…) and not to pay with taxes.
Please not misunderstand me… i’m not trying to avoid the tax payment…. in Chile, if you are a international tourist, you have the possibility to pay in U$ and without taxes (this means a 19% less price than the Chilean tourists).
I think that this must be a feature implemented to be configured when you start the reservation, as follows:
1) set parameter of the country you are located, the local currency ($) and the international currency (U$)
2) set cost parameters of each room in the local currency ($) cost, and the international currency (U$) cost … international cost is without taxes
3) in the reservation process, the tourist must have the option to indicate his nationality and therefor the price change automatically from the local value to the U$ value (spend 19% of the cost)
4) the final billing amount will be in the international currency and all the new items charged will be payed in the international currency and with the international price

¿is possible to made this with the actually version of easyreservation?
¿do you think is possible to have this feature in the next versions?

Regards and congratulations again
Ricardo Strauch – Chile

No, both features are not included.

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