Impossible to change the prices

When I want to indicate the price in a “ressource”, the form doesn’t allow to have numeric caracteres. It’s accept these caractere &, “, (…. but not the numeric.
If you could help me, it will be an enjoy day. 🙂

What option/place do you mean exactly? The base price in the resources setting?

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes I mean the base price in the ressources setting.

B. Regards

I have uninstaled the plugin then re-install it.
The bug is not resolved….

Please try it from another computer or browser. A bug which gets reported once every few month that I never could reproduce or fix. And when I try it out on their servers everything works fine. So it’ll be related to the computer.

I have try on an other computer and it’s works. It’s seems my keybord have a “bug”.
Thanks you for your support.

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