incoherent availability display in the search module

I am displaying the resrouces with the following short code:
[easy_search style="1" theme="list" submit_button="Update" reserve_text="Add Booking" width="100" resourcename="Instrument" start="1" searchdirectly="1" unavail="1" image="1" img_x="100" img_y="100" availability="1" more="0" content="500" calendar="24" calendar_mode="none" form_url=""]

No if there is no reservation for a particular day, everything is green, thus everything is ok.
but if I have one booking for let’s say an hour, everything is red except the half hour when the booking ends is green.

I guess you need to check you coloring conditions.


Will be improved in next beta. Thanks for reporting.

Nice. My tests on the latest beta 3.3#1 checked out.

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