incorrect display in Settings, infinite loop when editing the Resource


I have upgraded to 4.0.2 and I wanted to update the form and widget in my site in consequence.

But I have several issues.

I have what looks like infinite loops :
– I have a single resource but when I want to edit it, the page crashes by actually displaying infinitely the wordpress menu from left to right.
– when I add the default Easyreservation widget in the sidebar then the whole page is displayed again in the side bar and so one indefinitely. See page

When I go to the Easyreservation settings menu, the menus are not displayed properly, in particular the forms. I compared to your demo site and it is quite different. I have on my admin site somehow a mix between the old version and your new version.
I tried desinstalling completely the Easyreservation plugin and reinstalled the latest version but somehow I keep part of the old menu…

Thanks a lot for your help

Your theme is not compatible to the latest version of easyreservations.
Unfortunatley they override more then they have to and that breaks it.
Either switch the theme, take our the faulty code or ask the theme developer to fix it.
If none of that is possible you can hire me to take their changes out.

Many thanks for your quick answer.
Indeed, I just saw the confirmation for the Theme supplier that they are working on solving the issues with your latest plugin… Any chance I could download the previous version of your plugin while waiting for their correction? Where could I do that?

I’m very sorry but we have decided that we don’t give out old versions to free users.
It was a long discussion, but if we give it out those theme developers have no reason to fix their themes. At the same time users on old versions are very unlikely to pay us. We would dig our own grave supporting that.

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