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I just bought a new license and tried to upload the premium plugin zip and got the report that the installation failed. I don’t know how to upload things via ftp.

Thanks for your support!

Do you mean version 5.0.11 or version 6.0-alpha.4?

You can download premium for 6.0 alpha at

easyReservations 6.0 alpha


Well, it seems like it’s updated to 6.0-alpha but not in the premium version. If I now try to update the database the following appears: Stopped update process to prevent timeout at a bad moment. Please run the updater again to continue.
?? how do I get it to work without ftp? and why would easyreservations disappear completely from the dashboard, so I can’t even see my calendar?

That means you have a lot of reservations and it stops at the right point so your server doesn’t timeout in the middle of the update process. You have to start the updater multiple times.

Ok, I did that and it worked. Yet I couldn’t access easyreservations, it’s gone from the dashboard even though it’s activated. I thought I should deactivate and activate it again and now there’s a fatal error and I can’t access the entire page anymore.

Please send me admin and FTP access.

I could activate it again, but it’s all messed up. showing no calendar…

Please a link to the page with a problem.
I have improved your form, but it would look even better if you build it again from the new default. Many fields are now obsolete as of checkout.

I can’t see any improvement or did you get rid of the backend calendar with the new version? With more than one resource that quite confusing.

easyReservations 6.0 alpha

The overview and will come back with 6.0 final. Working on it since release of the alpha.

Ok, I should have read this more closely before I updated. This doesn’t work for me at all. Reservations don’t show up in order of future reservations, but in order of the date they were added. Also I need the calendar in order to have an overview.
Would you be able to reload the old version for me? I don’t know how to do it and I can’t get this ftp thing to work for me.

Deactivate and delete the old version, empty your database, import your database backup and then install the old version from

You can do all that without FTP.

So the old version works again, but the existing reservations are not showing in the calendar anymore. They are in the system with the correct dates, but all the other info (name etc.) is gone and all are in the folder “all”.
Also if I try to edit them a fatal error occurs again and if I try to add a reservation it won’t let me: Reservation could not be added. Error: Unknown column ‘name’ in ‘field list’
Is there a way to get that fixed?

Your database is not compatible with 5.0.11. You need to revert it to before you updated.

unfortunately I didn’t safe it before I updated. Is there another way to fix it?

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