Integrate sms gateway (why not?)

Hello there, Is possible integrate sms Betamax

with this schema:

https://www. [betamax provider] .com/myaccount/sendsms.php?username=[Username betamax]&password=[Password betamax]&from=[booking ID*]&to=[customer-mobile]&text=[not lo long 160 charapters]

It would be interesting to integrate it as a paypal report message or any emails



Of course it’s possible. I have no intentions to build something related to sms in. The provider doesn’t seem very serios either.

I’m customer’s Betamax since 2006,
The VoIP service and SMS Gateway working fine every days. 🙂
Besides is one of the few providers that allows you to send sms with ID (11 characters alphanumerics or 13 numeric characters)

test with an account here
you’ll understand that you’ve had terribly false news

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